Top Ten Extreme Sports Locations

Top Ten Extreme Sports LocationsAs a matter of fact, the possibility of indulging in an extreme sport is rather high in most of the countries in the world. In fact, whereever there is beautiful nature, consider a possibility of trying out some sort of adventure sport. However, there are a few countries that are particularly known for their adventure sports activities.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand is an extremely picturesque country. Each year thousands of people flock to New Zealand in search of history and hobbits. However, almost all kinds of adventure sports are possible in New Zealand.

  • Switzerland

There is a town in Switzerland that is famously known as Interlaken. This place is specifically known for its adventure sports. If you are in Interlaken, Sky Diving is a must try activity.

  • Africa

Cave hunting is a rather popular sport in Africa given the evolutionary history of mankind. The rich heritage and culture of Africa makes it one of the popular destinations for adventure sports.

  • Iceland

As the name suggests, Iceland is famous for all Ice related adventure sports. Most importantly, ice climbing can be enjoyed in extreme in Iceland due its gorgeous glaciers.

  • France

France is popular for its picturesque mountains, speaking of which mountain trekking is quite popular in France.

  • Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. Surfing, therefore, is one of the popularly pursued sport in this country. Australia has several surfing schools. If you have always been dreaming of learning surfing, you can never go wrong with Australia as a choice.

  • Nepal

Nepal, a country situated in the lap of the Himalayas, is known for several kinds of adventure sports too. However, due to several water bodies in the vicinity, river trekking is extremely popular in the country. There are several talented tour guides awaiting for you to explore the beauty of the earth.

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