Air, Land and Water

Extreme sports are mainly performed on air, land, and water. Some people who have fear of heights try to do water sports instead of air sports. Decide the medium of your extreme sports based on comfort and convenience level to get the maximum enjoyment out of it.

Air Sports

Air SportsOne is clearly spoiled with choices when it comes to air sports as the options can vary. Paragliding happens to be one of the favourite adventure sport of air sport lovers because it gives the feeling of flying like a bird from one place to another. Bungee jumping is another favourite among adventure enthusiasts, it involves jumping from a bridge or an edge of a mountain while being attached to an elastic cord. Air sports vary to sky diving, air safari, taking a trip in a hot air balloon, and so on.

Land Sports

When it comes to land sports, skiing is extremely popular. Many people enjoy the thrill of rolling up and down over a mountain filled with snow. Skiing is also a great way to explore nature’s best view. Trekking is another cool land based sport, and popular around the world. Nothing like making your body work to see some of the best views of this planet earth. Trekking over a mountain with a group of friends is an unforgettable experience, undoubtedly.

Water Sports

Our planet is mainly covered by water, and many people feel that if they do not try water based sports, they will never see the immense beauty that lies beyond land. Surfing is undoubtedly one of the most popular extreme sports among water based sport lovers. Nothing like getting one on one with the waves of the ocean. Fishing, snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing, free diving, and coasteering are some of the popular water based sports.

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